borneo city

The solar energy is our future, let us use!


propose new useful and innovative services without any works of installation!

borneo city, the first autonomous solar terminal for energy and services distribution

solar energy

solar energy self-service(*)

  • lighting point
  • emergency call
  • defibrillator
  • display information
  • wifi hotspot

service distribution

  • lighting point
  • emergency call
  • defibrillator
  • information screen
  • wifi hotspot

power distribution

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • consoles
  • cameras

(*) smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles, digital-cameras, camcorders

innovative concept, borneo city is high-tech intelligent street furniture, fully self-powered and offering self-service solar energy!

borneo city is primarily characterized by its autonomy at all levels because it was created to be fully sustainable in every detail, and implemented according to a strict scope statement.

borneo city is part of a strong sustainable development approach and is a practical solution to the environmental challenges of our daily lives.

The advantages of borneo city are obvious because the product doesn't require any installation or operating fees.

borneo city offers a completely intelligent and innovative rest area for passersby.

Les Borneo City fournissent un éclairage public gratuit

what you should know about borneo city:

The first City Borneo are installed!

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Borneo City on TF1 french channel

People discovers Borneo City terminals at Orléans (TF1 - 2012). Watch the video

Bornéo City on France 3

First Bornéo City installed at Orléans (France 3 - 2012 - Fr). Watch the video

Borneo City on TF1 french channel

Damien Granjon presents the Borneo City during the 'Salon des Maires et Collectivités Locales' (TF1 - 2011). Watch the video


It's ecological, simple and without works, it's Bornéo! (NRJ)

France Bleue interview (Fr)

Borneo concept on Radio Alpes 1 (Fr)

the borneo city in the press: